i enjoy audio production. a lot.

i have been busy building my own proper studio – deemed ‘the funklab’. currently it’s a little cramped for my likings, however i will be moving to a larger space and will be dedicating a lot of room to the funklab.
currently it looks something along these lines (for now):

The Funklab


Studio Hybrid Machine   2 x Yorkville YSM2p’s   2 x Club 600w (custom)   2 x Sceptre 19’s
Peavy XR8300   Axiom 25   Ozone 25   Mobile Pre


Presario CQ60  Hercules RMX  2 x Technics SL-1200M3D  Vestax mixStick
Torq Conectiv


Peavy 6 String Grind Bass   Epiphone LTD Les Paul   Takamine EG341SC Acoustic Electric guitar
DOD FX7 Multi FX Peddal   Crybaby Wah Peddal   Fender Rumble 15 Combo