A dark drum n bass tune i’ve been workin on, fresh outta the funklab!

01: Destro – Darkstar

Some heavy heavy bassline drum n bass with a few dubstep tunes thrown in for good measure of course…enjoy!

Destro – Basslines

after a bunch of diggin’ around, i have found some tracks i wrote about 10 years ago (1999-2000), but aren’t too bad 🙂

01: Destro – 8 Hours, 3 Words
02: Destro vs Alicia Keys – Falling (Dark dnb Remix)
03: Destro – Feelin’ Propa
04: Destro – Future Friendly
05: Destro – Jazzy Tings
06: Destro – New Moons
07: Destro – Rio
08: Destro – The Gods
09: Destro vs 116 Soljahz – All Day Every Day (Feelin’ Tings Remix)
10: Destro vs Alicia Keys – Goodbye (Smooth n Sexy dnb Remix)

messin’ around with my guitar again

Just messin’ around with my guitar is all…

a completely live PA dark techno set performed and recorded live November 3rd 2007

01: Destro – Live PA – Brewin Up Beats

i teamed up with my homie fred to make a short film, i wrote the audio, he did all the other work 🙂

Sluggish from Frederic Djoenaedi on Vimeo.

Song Download:

01: Destro – Sluggish

A collection of downtempo and experimental stuff i’ve worked on

01: Destro – 82short

02: Destro – AD

03: Destro – A History Misplaced

04: Destro – Crunch

05: Destro – Dropcloth

06: Destro – Green

07: Destro – Plus1

08: Destro – What Awaits

Destro – Live PA (Recorded live at White Orchid)

A set completely made up and performed live at White Orchid in Toronto

01: Destro – Live PA White Orchid

Destro vs Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Destrofunk Remix)

My Funky House remix of a Franz Ferdinand track

01: Destro vs Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Destrofunk Remix)